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Portable Solar Generators for Emergencies, Home, Road, & Field

Portable Solar Generators for the Home, Road, & Field
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Sol - in the AM.
Made in the USA
Portable Solar Generators for the Home, Road, & Field.
Does not require gasoline & is safe for indoor use.
User friendly, simple to use with an adaptive flexible design.
- Add additional panels to improve recharge rate.
- Connect auxiliary batteries to increase run-time.
- Supports standard US AC wall chargers.
Use for Emergencies & Everyday.
- Atmospheric Water Generator & Pellet Stoves.
- Refrigerators & Medical Equipment.
- Induction Stoves & more!
Runs quietly - stealthy operation with no noise impact.
- Perfect for academic & scientific applications.
- Hybrid capable - mini wind turbine & gas generator.
- Unmatched versatility - user configurable 12V port.
Communications – personal devices & HAM\FM radios.
Security - lighting & remote surveillance systems.
Made in the USA with RoHS & CE Certified components.
One year manufacturer warranty on all AIMS inverters.
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