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Providing reliable 12V power sources for charging & run-time applications since 2010.
Perigee Power Solutions Light Kits are the "Charger" class that provide 12VDC power built into tough field-ready form factors, super lightweight satchels and our light duty Wall Mount Unit. All products support solar array expansions, may be daisy-chained, connected to auxiliary batteries and much more!
Perigee Power Solutions Medium Kits range from 180W to 300W AC. All products include standard 12VDC Marine ports and support USB. We build portable and wall mountable solar power solutions housing them in world-class cases like the Pelican brand - NATO codified & tested to MILSPEC C-4150J.
Perigee Power Solutions Heavy Kits range from 600W to 3KW AC and are designed to power household appliances and electronics. Interested in a hybrid system? Check out our Mini Wind Turbine & Honda Gas Generator MPI Switch accessories. Already have your own solar panels & batteries? We support that! Want stealth? Add-on and store additional batteries to augment your kits duration to run silent evermore.
1KW "Hulking" Kit
Well designed products & superb customer service make us the logical choice for renewable power.
Grid down? No problem. Need Renewable Electricity in the Cabin? Done!
Want a reliable backup power source for the Home, Road, & Field? We've got your solution.
Perfectly suited for small to medium sized devices from smart phones to laptops & in between.
180W "Expeditionary" Kit
The "007" & the Angler Kits
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All products built with AIMS Power components have a one year manufacturer warranty on the inverter itself.