Best Portable Solar Generators for the Home, Road, & Field

Solar Generators & Chargers
Light Kits are built to support your personal devices. All Perigee Power Solutions products are safe for indoor use, easy to use plug & play designs, ready to run out of the box. 
The Perigee Power Solutions Medium Kit is the favorite customer choice for portable solar. Pelican brand cases are NATO codified & tested to MILSPEC C-4150J, perfectly suited for small to medium sized devices.
Is that Unreliable Power Grid Down? No Problem. Need Renewable Electricity for Field Work? Can do.
Looking for Renewable Backup Power for the Home, Road, & Field? We've got your solution.
180W "Expeditionary" Kit
The "007" & the Angler Kits
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All Perigee Power Solutions products are easy to use, safe for indoor use, and support changing requirements over time.
Expand your solar array & add external batteries from a local vendor. You're never tied to us for parts.
DIY Enthusiasts Welcome! Configure your own 12VDC accessories for use with our Multi-port!